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For over 30 years Jonathon Stansel has been writing code to close the commercial software gap left by the commercial software providers. Commercially available software is created and sold to a mass market, local market procedures and requirements tend to get ignored. For example: Most of the agencies within Maricopa County require that all centerlines, which is industry standard, be profiled as well as curb, gutter and/or edge of pavement line for left, right edges and medians also be profiled. LDE has developed a program that reads the database files and produces all the edge profiles simply by projecting the Centerline, Profile and Cross Slopes to the horizontal edge line to be profiled. These generated profiles are mathematically correct even when the roadway widens, within a superelevation change and a vertical curb simultaneously.

LDE uses Carlson Civil Suite for it’s main commercially available Civil Engineering Software. The reason LDE chose Carlson Civil Suite is almost all of the database files are stored as ASCII data and can be read, written and edited by any editor. Unlike Carlson’s main competitor AutoCAD Civil 3D which store its data within the CAD files themselves and is only read and edited through Civil 3D’s proprietary programs which closes down the possibility of using the data to solve the local market requirements.

LDE has developed many of these specialize programs for grading, drainage, earthwork, wet utilities, construction note labeling and much more. This enables LDE to concentrate on the fundamental design, value engineering and quality. LDE is known as the go to engineering company for difficult hard to solve engineering projects.