For over 30 years Jonathon Stansel has been writing code to close the need for detailed programming left by the commercial software providers. Commercially available software packages cannot and will not provide software geared to local markets they only provide generalized software for the civil engineering industry. As an example most reviewing agencies within Maricopa County require the additional information for curb, gutter and/or edge of pavement lines for left, right edges and medians to be profiled. This is NOT provided by the commercial software venders. LDE has developed a program that reads the database files and produces all the edge profiles by reading the Centerline, Profile and Cross Slopes database file and projecting to the horizontal edge line to be profiled. These generated profiles are mathematically correct even when the roadway widens, within a superelevation change and a vertical curb simultaneously. LDE is currently the only civil engineering company that has access to this proprietary software.

LDE has developed many of these specialize programs for grading, drainage, earthwork, wet utilities, construction note labeling and much more. This enables LDE to concentrate on the fundamental design, value engineering and quality. LDE is known as the go to engineering company for difficult hard to solve engineering projects.